What makes CPE different?

Communications. Planning. Execution. With guidance and direction setting from our client Board of Directors, Unit Owners and their service providers/contractors, we communicate the short and long-term needs of the community, develop plans to meet those needs and then execute the plans as supported by the operating and reserve expenditure budgets. We advise proactively versus a reactionary approach which is often more disruptive and always more costly in the long run. We invest in the leading technology and systems to enhance our clients’ experience and deliver prompt and professional service. CPE Property Management Solutions a unique leader in property and association management in Connecticut.

CPE Property Management Solutions offers a full range of community association, co-op and commercial property management services. Whether you are a condominium association board member, unit owner, or commercial property owner, our team has the experience to assist you managing the business of your community and individual concerns. CPE’s success is the result of superior communication and comprehensive reporting coupled with deep construction and financial knowledge that provides for informed and satisfied customers.

CPE Property Management Solutions services clients throughout the Greater New Haven and Shoreline areas of Connecticut.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the needs of your community association and property.

“Responsible property management requires proactive, clear COMMUNICATIONS and well-documented
PLANNING that is supported by budgets and professional EXECUTION.”

–Doug Newman, President