About CPE Property Management

CPE Property Management Solutions was formed in 2013 by Doug Newman who owns and operates the company.  According to Doug, “the formation of CPE was a culmination of my entire professional career.  All positions I have ever been in have three consistent common denominators; 1) Real Estate Design, Construction and Maintenance 2) Financing & Budgets and 3) Customer Service”.

Doug has a B.A. degree in economics and a minor in business from Clark University and has taken college level architecture courses.  He has general contracted several dozen commercial and residential construction projects.  “I love architecture, design and construction.  I have been on roofs, poured concrete, sweated copper fittings, repaired hydraulic pumps, operated heavy machinery, plowed snow, etc.  I have a very strong working knowledge of all the trades and have managed hundreds of sub-contractors.   Most importantly I can communicate budgets and service issues with my clients clearly and effectively”.

When trying to come up with a name for the company Doug said that he did not want to name the company after himself or the typical, Pinnacle, Summit, Superior, fill in the blank, Property Management.  “I wrote down a few dozen words that represent the main aspects of property management.  I then culled the list down and circled those words that resonated the most with me.  What ultimately remained were Communications, Planning and Execution, hence CPE.  I feel that responsible property management requires proactive and clear COMMUNICATIONS, well documented PLANNING supported by budgets and professional EXECUTION”.

Doug is a Norwalk native and a life-long Connecticut resident who has resided in Trumbull, Guilford and Branford.  He has volunteered as a youth baseball and soccer coach and board member and served on the Connecticut state PTA Board.  He played baseball at Clark University and does not believe in the designated hitter!  In 1985, Doug and two friends rode  their bicycles from Norwalk, CT to Santa Monica, CA – it took 32 days with paper maps and no cell phones!